#44 Transalp with the Transalps

We talk about part one of our roadtrip to the alps, virusses on IoT devices, Frans research team discovers RNA after shooting lasers into a forming earth, the X-37B lands, Andy Weirs new book Artemis and Tesla starts taking orders for solar roofs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Links: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26672-formation-of-lifes-building-blocks-recreated-in-lab/

#41 Anchormen are playing a game…

Maarten is so out of the loop that we play a game with the news of olden times. Seeing how wrong he is. SpaceX launches a new satelite to geo sync, Tesla Powerwalls, heat pumps, Trumps false wiretap claims, Russian ties, Iron Fist and who is the new Jacky Chen!?

#32 Anchormen fly to the moon and talk about solar power

Werner von Braun Moontrip, Tesla acquires SolarCity and powers an island, we talk about powering your own house of the grid and roll into a battery that does not loose capacity for 400 years discovered by Mya Le Thai at UCI.