#41 Anchormen are playing a game…

Maarten is so out of the loop that we play a game with the news of olden times. Seeing how wrong he is. SpaceX launches a new satelite to geo sync, Tesla Powerwalls, heat pumps, Trumps false wiretap claims, Russian ties, Iron Fist and who is the new Jacky Chen!?

#23 Your favorite anchorman and Mr. Golden Vocalchords

Maarten decided to go brawling with a bus, the Dutch government VS the farmacutical industry, resistant deceases, Dutch healthcare, the Apple news, SpaceX’s exploded rocket, Jodrik stalls the podcast for 12 minutes, VR and the EU courts rule on linking to illegal content.

#8 – Martian News Network, Anchormen style

It was a longer wait then usual because of vacation time. But we make up for it with a packed episode about a weasel, ESA Mars mission, IronHead studio’s space suit, Falcon XX, Planetary Society solar sail, Mars One, Microsoft + NASA Hololens & Donald Trump.