#44 Transalp with the Transalps

We talk about part one of our roadtrip to the alps, virusses on IoT devices, Frans research team discovers RNA after shooting lasers into a forming earth, the X-37B lands, Andy Weirs new book Artemis and Tesla starts taking orders for solar roofs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Links: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26672-formation-of-lifes-building-blocks-recreated-in-lab/

#41 Anchormen are playing a game…

Maarten is so out of the loop that we play a game with the news of olden times. Seeing how wrong he is. SpaceX launches a new satelite to geo sync, Tesla Powerwalls, heat pumps, Trumps false wiretap claims, Russian ties, Iron Fist and who is the new Jacky Chen!?