#36 Anchormen start of a bit dark

We start of with talk about anti-biotic immune deceases and the mushroom deathsuit but swiftly move on to more upbeat topics such as driving motorcycles again, graphene, Elon Musk’s new company, MAID gyms and a Dutch band shooting an album to the moon.

#33 Happy 2017!

Welcome to 2017 everyone! We start of with North Korea’s new years resolution, The Grand Tour, Star Wars Rogue one (spoilers, duh), 2017 predictions a Dutch lock being destroyed, we discuss things to look forward too and talk about movies and the EnChroma glasses. Plus we have been around for nearly a year now, thank […]

#32 Anchormen fly to the moon and talk about solar power

Werner von Braun Moontrip, Tesla acquires SolarCity and powers an island, we talk about powering your own house of the grid and roll into a battery that does not loose capacity for 400 years discovered by Mya Le Thai at UCI.