Welcome to our podcast website! A small introduction into who we are and why we hope you will enjoy what we have to say…

Worldly educated and well traveled film and podcast fanatic.
Would rather be out in the world than sitting at home. Watches every possible movie he can lay his hands on, listens to every interesting podcast out there. Enjoys reading, painting, the arts, the great outdoors, cats & MMA.

IT fanatic with a creative spin
System Engineer who also loves to get into all sort of random projects relating to technology. Enjoys photography, programming, biking & hiking.

What connects us?
Our mutual love of good food&drinks, gaming, comedy, random worldly facts & being nerds in general. Beyond that a decade long friendship between the two of us.

Why listen to us?
We have no clue! But we love podcasts and decided it was time to make one, so we hope you enjoy what we are doing and would love to hear from you guys. So feel free to register on the site and leave comments or questions!


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